October 05, 2006

A Penny For Your Thoughts? - #35

I really, really want to know what this guy is thinking. No, not even that, I actually want to think exactly what he is thinking.

I often wonder what it would feel like to be immersed in someone else's brain for an hour or a day. I wonder if we all have a similar thought processes or if we are all different, each other's brain patterns and processes like foreign languages...

Taken a short while before sunset. 30 mins from Dubai city. A different world.


Kim said...

A superb shot, and your comments thought provoking. . .Perhaps an UAE version of evening vespers or meditation.

twistedzero said...

awesome shot!

-raymond from Singapore

Keropok Man said...

your pictures always are so interesting. one can see the real dubai from your pictures instead of the dubai pictures you see from all the magazines and newspaper.

by the way, what were you doing 30 mins out of the city? :-)

Jing said...

I always like your comments anyway.
and photos also are very glamorous.
hee hee, I even had that kind of thought: what is in other people's brain? Do they think alike what I think? Do they feel sad/happy as I feel?? No, I never got the answer.
I am wondering all the time~~

PhotoNomad said...

What a great shot, he looks so peaceful. I just love your photos.

Curly said...

You have an eye for a good portrait, I wonder who tied him up with a length of blue string?

Curly's Photoshop

DXBluey said...

Guys, thanks for your comments...

Kim - The idea of vesters maybe - you think?

Twistedzero... thanks!

Senior Keropok - I know, should I not do the outside city thing? Am I bad?

Jing - As always, your presence makes me feel happy. Thanks.

Photonomad - You have the best name around here. Thanks for your kind comments!

Curly - Why wonder? It takes some effort, in fact anything necessary to get a good shot :)

luggi said...

I think if you were able to get in someone else's head, it would be terrifying to realize how much alike we are, same fears, anxieties, anger, etc.

Meg Nakagawa said...

Beautiful. I wonder if it's silent, or quite noisy. I bet his mind is quiet even if the surrounds are noisy.