October 03, 2006

God sized 3D version of Pictionary - #33

Like any facade there is a flipside.

This is a stretch of construction land directly behind the Sheikh Zayed Road strip.

Some days it is like a God sized 3d version of Pictionary with a Zeus styled Rolf Harris at the canvas... "Can you see what it is yet?"


Nathalie said...

I can't get over the dry white sand landscape, the perfect blue sky, and the skyscrapers burgeoning out of nowhere. What an incredible place you live in! Scary to me. I stopped in Dubai on my way to France last november, they were building this huge extension to the airport terminal, is it nearing completion now?

Jing said...

I read your comments.I like it. Good comments for this photo~~~
nice version!!

Sadia said...

Fantastic photo! It looks like it should be an album cover of some sort. There must be a band out there called 'Diversion Ahead', heheh.

DXBluey said...

Natalie, nothing to be scared of, except the driving standards! The airport is nearing some sort of completion, at least the main structure... then they will start with Jebal Ali artport - the biggest in the world...! Next time you have a stop over - let me know, meet for a coffee!

Jing - thanks as always - you're so good with commenting!

Sadia - Thanks! You know, the most amazing thing I could ever do with my photos is to have one as a famous album cover... that would be the greatest!