October 07, 2006

Question - When Is A Cat Not A Cat? - #37

Answer - When It Is An Oil Soaked Dirty Yet Magnificent Earth Mover In Arabia.

Personally, my recommendation is to bow down and worship this beast.


Jing said...

Cat has 9 lives. That is what I know about cat in western culture.
I think I am a little bit afraid of this beast... I can see a total black cat near my apt.I always think that old saying when I saw it. Did that black cat know that old saying too?? Or the cat knows even much more??
... Bow down to the cat!


Aaron said...

Hey DXBluey - really nice blog. You have a great eye for a photo. I have added you to my blog roll so other can enjoy your work.



DXBluey said...

Jing - we should all bow down to the Cat! I have three here and they rule my house...

Aaron / An English Man In Dubai - thanks for the nice comments and welcome to the blog! I have checked out yours previously too!

And will do again,



Nathalie said...

Bow down and worship the beast, that's definitely what's happening in Dubai isn't it ?

Ivan said...


Ivan here - I'm pretty sure the logo is the "IKEA" logo...? If not, I am very curious to know.

PS - check out critical light sometime. We have a new member, an excellent photographer called Gareth Marlow I met at the Cambridge Camera Club. Also, we miss you....come back...