October 14, 2006

An equal and opposite reaction - #44

It's not every day that you get to try something that was not just enjoyable or fun, but really amazing. Something that really excites you and stimulates your body and mind.

Today, sorry I mean yesterday (Friday), I did just that.

Kite Surfing (well a first lesson and it was on land).


This is a picture of our instructor and one of my best friends. On Jebel Ali beach.

Pure 100% Dubai circa 2006.


Jing said...

I always like your photos...Um, I think coz the clean colours!!
And, yes, flying kite is a very interesting thing. Here people like to play it in the autumn and spring~~~but not along the beach, just in the nice parks.


btw, have a nice weekend!!!

~tanty~ said...

Very nice, clean and sharp picture. Have a great weekend!

Jazzy said...

great life you have there. i always wanted to learn to kite surf, it looks difficult to learn, is it?

nice photos, lovely beach.

DXBluey said...

HI Jing & Tanty - Thanks for the comments - I guess i do end up with clean pics, maybe time for a change there!

Jazzy - I am going to take more lessons soon - this was a shart introduction but it was great! It's tricky but not so hard yet. The power from the kite is awesome. It can easily pick you off the ground...

I hope to pregress with this sport.

Take care,