October 28, 2006

Safe & Sound Series - The Kid Rides Again - #58

The Kid was just too cool. Shades, a stetson and a trusty stead.

The annual Burjuman Pinkathon Walk in aid of Breast Cancer awareness.

A great event held every year which raises money and awareness for Breast Cancer. The theme, quite clearly, is pink.

So, we did the walk and raised a little donation etc - so now I want use my little blog to try raise a little awareness...

(these girls had a very nice idea, shame about the "a"...!)


Curly said...

They all looke 'tickled pink' (which is the name of a breast cancer charity in the U.K.)

zahid said...

thats funny, no "a", did they add "r" by mistake too? was it suppose it be best friends? lol

Anonymous said...

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