October 11, 2006

I Don't Do Postcards a/k/a/ Burj Al Arab - #41

It's all Natalie's fault. A Postcard From Sydney

The Burj Al Arab. The world's only "7 star hotel". Every room comes with a personal 24 hour butler. The atrium is the highest in the world. Each room is a duplex. The cheapest room is approx US$1,000 per night.

Famous for many things, including Agassi and Federer playing a game on the helipad.

(not a Bluey shot of course)

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It looks pretty at sunset and after dark with the light display...


Lachezar said...

I like postcards from far away places. Particularly whne there's good photography on them. I wouldn't to see some more :)

Next commentators, do yuo agree? yes? no? please vote

Best wishes

bv said...

You did well Bluey, you did well.

A postcard shot from time to time doesn't kill. Especially when each of them is, like yours Nathalie and Bluey, a view to a kill ;-)

Jing said...

well, well....
Fabulous sunset postcard photo!!!
Beautiful colours,clean layout, everything is perfect!!!
I like this sunset photo!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo - just want to say the Burj is not a 7 star hotel. It is a five star - they have a plaque on the wall inside the lobby indicating a 5 star, and as well, I just recently listened to a radio interview here in Canada with a manager at the Burj Al Arab and she indicated that the 7-star is a myth and wasn't sure where it started.

I just returned to Canada from a visit to Dubai and your photos keep me connected!!

santy said...

That is such an interesting building. and definitely a great shot! love the sun!

Kris said...

well, its a classic shot!

Anonymous said...

Apparently, so my husband informs me, you're a 7-star if you have a heli-pad!
Yeah? What do you think?
Gorgeous shot of this beautiful building ... there is an under-sea restaurant, but I've never been; my students told me about it!

Carraol said...

Postcard or not, I wish be there. Splendid place & great shot.