October 10, 2006

Same, Same. But Different. - #40

We are all the same the world over.


Jing said...

green lemon??
Um...and whats the other one??
Lemon, I like it. Healthy for us,and also very good for the skin!!
beautiful colours in this photo!I like it~~and fruits too!!

Denton said...

You comment is very true ... Like jing, I like the colors in this photo. But, your grocery list makes the photo for me.

Jing said...

is it the eggplant?? :D looks like,but i still no ideas about that.
interesting view!!
Your photo makes me want to go to the vegetable market!!!

Nathalie said...

Hey how frustrating, what's the list about? What's written there? The 1 and 1/2 down the list, are they kilos of the fruit you bought?
Funny how at first I got a completely wrong sense of proportions. I thought they were olives or pickles not limes and eggplants!!!

Zsolt72 said...

its an amazing photo. Could you get anything from this long list?:)

Jing said...

I read that list and study that list....
No ideas till now!!

Its really like some words from the out space for me!!

DXBluey said...

I left it too late to post - the list is in Arabic, makes no sense to me (yet!).

That is why I used the title Same Same, But Different - we all know it's a shopping list, it is on the same paper we use, but yet we don't understand the words.

It is limes (Egyptian I think) and baby egg plant (aubergines / bringal).