October 12, 2006

The Excite Machine - #42

Further to our decision to abandon your hot and sandy planet we have asked that Council of Entertainment Committe sends you poor people our incentive, errrr... I mean extic, or indeed our Excite Machine.

We have placed this near the road from Interchange Four to the Madinat, look over to your right hand side near the villas and you'll see it.

We hope you enjoy it.


Jing said...

so bright colour~~and yes, excited colour for a machine.
I got strange feeling when see these excited machine...Umm,some excitement?? not sure...
but like your beautiful photos still!

Nathalie said...

I'm not so much interested in the Excite machine than in the bottom left picture which I find extraordinary. In your 'I don't do postcards', you showed the traditional view of the six star hotel whose name I won't care to remember but this shot puts it in a totally different perspective. For me it just adds to the fascination/repulsion effect...