October 24, 2006

Knowledge Is Power - #54

Taken this morning on Oud Metha Road Dubai.

Some of the schools in Dubai have a geographical reference.

Hospitals and dentists are even worse and use a geographical reference most of the time.

The biggest culprit appears to be vets. Are the animals more afraid of vets that don't speak their language?


Jing said...

great way to explain the view you took!!
knowledge is power??

Nathalie said...

I'm not sure I understand your comment about geographical reference being scary to animals that have to go to the vet... but I loved your beach shot with kids being poked with chopsticks while drowning! LOL

DXBluey said...


Jing - the motto in the badge in the photo says "Knowledge Is Power"...

Natalie - the vets out here are usually called The American Vet Hospital, or the European Vet Clinic or the British Parrot and Falcon Brothers Assoc.... etc.

Anyways - Thanks for the rembering the beach chopsticks - have to say I loved Deniyal that mental interpretation!

Daniyal said...

Hey, cool, I go to school near that school! That whole area is full of schools [Indian High, Dubai English Speaking, St Mary's Catholic High, English Medium, Dubai Gem, Pakistan Islamiah and more] and hospitals [Canadian Speciality and American hospitals, and now Dubai Healthcare City popping up right opposite the Canadian Speciality Hospital].

D said...

AAAAWWWW... My alma mater... :)

DXBluey said...

Hey All, especially D,

SO is Knowledge Power? :)

Also be careful, I live near here too... you could be in the shooting range soon :)

Cheers all,