March 24, 2007

On The Browns - #204

At Hatta we played a short round of nine hole golf. Desert style...

The Greens were called Browns and the fairways were rock strewen, thorn bush infested dusty trails. You carry around a small square of astro turf on to which you place your ball before taking the shot.

A weird variation on the classic game of golf.


Pat said...

That's a fantastic angle for this photo! Were you lying on the sand?

That's funny to think of you carrying around your own turf! :)

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Nathalie said...

This is brilliantly funny, Bluey, and it makes so much sense! So much more than to use millions of gallons of water watering a golf course in the desert !

Enjoyed your comment about the pizza shop in Bondi!

Eric said...

Excellent. I love the photo with the golf ball on the foreground, it's really good.