March 12, 2007

The Three Fishermen Of Jumeirah - #192

Switching back to the fish topic... here are three of the guys I met at the fishing village.

Happily working on their nets on a peaceful morning.

They were more than happy for me to take a few shots. Jez's comment of a few post's ago about there being not enough "happy" portraits struck a chord with me. Hopefully this readdresses the balance a little.


Melbourne said...

Great shot, very nice, thanks for sharing

Jing said...

From their faces, we know they enjoy their life....simple but happy!thats what i like most.

and dear bluey,
i totally understand how you feel now...for now we still cant access to most webpages because of the great wall of China. So, dont worry.I know you are the nice Twins-bor of SHDP. ;-)
I maybe can change the way i post the photos...let me think!

have the nice week.

shanghai daily photo

Keropok Man said...

Yes, they do look so happy and relaxed.

Parents are actually stuck in Dubai Airport. Their flight got cancelled because of the closure of Dubai Airport. Sigh. Just talked to them, they are bored there.

So after talking to someone in Dubai, I thought I should visit Dubai DP ;-)