March 23, 2007

Tree, Sky, Rock - #203

Just back from a very pleasant trip to Hatta Fort Hotel, which is about 1 hour from Dubai city although it is still in the Emirate of Dubai. On route you see a lot of these desert scrubb / thorn trees.

It reminded me to post this shot - I like the starkness of the tree and rocky environment it thrives in.


Chuckeroon said...

So, were back to "Bluey, Classic" style. Can't fault it!

Nathalie said...

How trees manage to survive in between rocks is a tribute to resilience!

Enjoyed the visit to Hatta Fort Hotel (oh this green lawn and this blue pool against this dry rocky mountain backdrop!)but was a bit disappointed with the furniture. Would have liked something more 'Arabian nights' in style, but it's probably a fantasy ?

zannnie said...

this shot is beautiful!:)