March 09, 2007

Catch Of The Day - #189

A fresh, glistening, salty, beautiful catch for a Friday morning.

Big thanks to Sam for giving me the location details. It is a fishing village that is incongruously located in the middle of Dubai. Have a look at Sam's very cool experiment at this location. The Film Experience

It's a great place, very interesting, yet it is a very poor living from the sea these days. The people here do seem to be full of humour and happiness though which is really good to see...

The themes for this week will mostly be fish and rock... all will become clear...


Jing said...

Another nice portrait.
From his expression, I feel he must be very proud of what he do.

have the nice weekend.

shanghai daily photo

Kate said...

Hanging around wharfs where small and large commercial fisherman dock after their work of the day is a colourful and great experience. So sorry to hear that their living is so tough! Wonderful portrait!