March 17, 2007

Bike On Beach = #197

The original off road transportation vehicle.


Nathalie said...

Hi Bluey,
I particularly liked the portrait you did on March 7th, and the dot matrix effect...

Always following with interest your news about blocked sites, something we find hard to comprehend or even imagine back here. Glad you're there, keep up the good work !

Gail's Man said...

I thought that was a camel!

Good shot. As you know, Indians on bicycles are a common sight in Dubai. I wonder how many are involved in accidents, as they seem to have less road sense than motorists.

jonemo said...

Good to see that even though traffic seems to be a chaos in Dubai there are cyclists around. In that case I will bring my bike once I come to Dubai!


Lachezar said...

Great capture! it takes some to skip colour in Dubai I guess!

Love it