March 08, 2007

I logo DUBAI -#188

I logo'd this shirt.

And you, my generous readers, I logo you. I hope you logo me too.


jonemo said...

Isn't that Sony Ericsson who made that campaign with their logo meaning love? I think they should sue Adi Dasler (founder of Adidas, hence the name) for this T-Shirt. I logo big companies in court.

halfmanhalfbeer said...

DXB: I logo it too! You get an honourable mention on my blog today, so expect millions and millions* of hits as a result!


* maybe one or two anyway.

Jing said...

cool ideas!!

shanghai daily photo

edwin s said...

I logo it a lot! I wanted to get one in Sydney but forgot to. I logo'd that so much.

And thanks for your logoly comment on KLDP today!