March 25, 2007

The Irish Village - #205

One of Dubai's famous locations... The Irish Village & Dubai Tennis Stadium.

Every city in the world, except maybe Riyadh, has an Irish themed pub. Dubai is no different, except being Dubai it's an Irish Village. Through the cooler months it's a great place to have some food a drop of the black stuff etc on its wide outdoor area. Bands play here too, most recently Bob Geldof before that The Pretenders (nb. bands for the 21st Century need not apply!!)

Through the summer it's a bit smoke filled and not so good... if you are reading this IV - take note.

One of the better pubs in town...


Anonymous said...

I like your photograph and your comments about the photograph. It sounds like anybody could enjoy the place, the building and the food there.
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Gail's Man said...

I;ve had a drink there. It's aninteresting replica English pub. I particularly liked the bookshelves, with lots of UK classics & the beer barrels & dray outside.

julia said...

Even in Dubai, shows how little I know, so, women are admitted as well.
I, sort of, did our Irish pub a week ago, one of two pubs really,had bands but didn't attract Bob.