September 03, 2006

A Window To Another Place? - #3

While out for some errands today, I saw this... Dubai's largest (I believe) but certainly most prominent Mosque. I really is a beautiful building. Sandstone and marble in equal portions, dimensions and use. A stunning area. An educational building as the Sheikh Maktoum Center For Cultural Understanding. Daily Tours for non-Muslims. A cross cultural effort to be applauded.

A building with a pure meaning and purpose.

I have some more formal shots of the building that I will post in the future.

However in the spirit of Dubai I choose to present the above shot. A mosque reflected in a shop window.


Juggler said...

Nice shot!

Meg said...

Welcome to DP. Very atmospheeric. I look forward to your future posts.

Denton said...

I agree that cross cultural efforts should be applauded. Good job with the reflection and the contrast of a shop across from a Mosque.

~tanty~ said...

Welcome to the DP family. Very nice reflection picture. Greetings from Stavanger.

santy said...

Welcome, welcome! the mosques where I live are mostly white. so I really like the color of your mosque :)

Celine said...

That is a beautiful photo! You are definitely a talented photographer. I look forward to seeing more of your work, and to learning more about Dubai. Welcome to the daily photo world.

DXBluey said...

Thanks all for your great comments.

Denton - thanks for the regular visits!

Tanty - thanks

Meg - thanks for the email comments and help - I will get your request for you!

Santy - white ones are the most common here too - more shots in the future!

Celine - you are far too kind, but many thanks!

Kate said...

Yes, it is lovely. Welcome!