September 06, 2006

Get In The Back Of The Van! - #6

One of Dubai's finest boys in green. Very obliging policeman taken one sunny morning in Deira (Dubai Old Town... well I say old, nothing much is older than 30 - 40 years old here).

I am quite policeman-phobic at the best of times, doubly so in Dubai.

However this one was extremely nice...


Denton said...

Police in general are nice around the world. However, as you I also have become policeman-phobic. Personally I think this is a sad statement. In my home town we have asked for foot and bicycle police patrols to return. I think the personal touch may remove some of the phobia people feel.

Anonymous said...

OK, nice or not, he looks big, so I'm not messing with him. Unlike Denton's nice town, police around NZ are getting on bikes, buses and trains, because these are the modes of transportation used by offenders in NZ apparently.

Meg, NZ