September 20, 2006

One of my favourite places - #20

Another view of Dubai, a glorious view - the beach at Jebal Ali.

This is a glorious beach between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. A great place to spend a day or even camp over night with friends.

The government have made beach shelters and put up these shower units along the whole beach (except for some reason these showers are dry, they never work!). There is a huge airport just about to be developed, in fact the biggest in the world, that I think will be the end of this beach. They have started zoning it off and it is a great great shame...

The temperature is dropping steadily and very soon it'll be cool enough for the first camping trip of the year and I can't wait...


santy said...

Those showers are like public phones in Jakarta...many of them never work!

Michael said...

I am so impressed and pleased by your blog. Your photos and stories have really gotten better and better with each post. PLEASE keep up the good work. Dubai is somewhere I really want to visit one day and your site inspires me.

Eric said...

I agree with Michael - a very lovely representation of the dailyphoto community.

Tell me, when you say "The temperature is dropping steadily and very soon it'll be cool...", how cool is cool?

DXBluey said...

What can I say?

Michael - thank you so much for your comments, it means a lot to get such compliments. If I can show a little of what I see and feel then I am happy. Hopefully you will make it out sometime!

Eric - Again, I'm pleased to have been able to a dd a little to your great idea!

Temperatures - JUst now it is about 37 C daytime and 25 C late evening but still a bit humid. YOu can sit ouside, but it is still a little hot and sticky. This will drop in Oct / Nov to about 30 C day and 20 C night which is lovely.

Dec / Jan are the coldest (!) with day about 22 C and night 15 C (Dubai residents actually complain about the cold!)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the pictures very much, It's cool.
I would like to know whether we need to pay or have permit for camping in Jebel Ali beach? Is it posible to camp there without 4WD car?
Thanks a lot.