September 27, 2006

Do you half a car? - #27

"Do you have a car?" "Yes, I half a car"

"No, I mean do you have a car?" "Ah, No. Sorry. I only have half a car"

The Creek in Dubai is a bustling sea inlet the splits the oldest parts of town in two. It is the traditional hub of the city and has provided its life blood up until 30 or so years ago.

It's still wonderfully vibrant with dhows and abras. They import all sorts. Here we see a bit of a car... why this was deemed to be an item worthy of importation is a bit beyond me...

Deira, Dubai, UAE. Half a car. By Bluey.


jing said...

i am also curious about why this was thought to be an item worthy of importation.

dutchie said...

Probably because of the parts to be used in another car.

Eric said...

Very funny post and a unique way to import parts I imagine!

Gail's Man said...

Maybe someone in say Karama has the other half.