September 22, 2006

Love And Reflection - #22

As the saying goes T.F.I. Friday... Fridays in Dubai are wonderful. It is the only day that the entire city rest (like Sunday in the West but even more restful). The horrendous traffic calms to a mere trickle.

This shot was taken last Friday at actually a very civilised and quiet lunch on a Friday at Amwaj and the Shangri-La Hotel. Very nice indeed, amazing fish and lovely rose wine for about 240dhs (about US$70 / 35 UK pounds) per person.

If you look very closely you will also see my wife and I... A self-portrait and a brunch photo for the price of one photo - BARGAIN!

For some expats Friday inevitably means Brunch. To a civilised person brunch sounds like a gentle prospect. Some food at a time and size that is between breakfast and lunch. How nice.

Where as in Dubai this generally means eating you body weight in food and drinking a LOT in 5 star hotels for one set price. It is a wonderful and deadly combination.

If you are not a western expat Friday is usually a quiet day for religion, contemplation or shopping.


Dubai Sunshine said...

Very nice pic :) I love way you captured the reflection

Lisi said...

DXBluey, very nice reflection and perspective and a good "scene of life" photo...I'm just surprised that you are not a blue alien but a real person, LOL

Denton said...

Lisi, very funny.

We brunch as well on the weekend. I wonder how common it is around the world?

Jing said...

ha...i found ur real finger, DXBluey...:D
hmm...nice shot! and nice brunch time~~~