January 21, 2007

They Went That Way... -#142

Desert driving is like no other driving condition I can think of. It's like driving on a mixture of snow, oil and gravel. It moves, it lives, there are mini avalanches, it sticks, it spins out, it GETS EVERYWHERE... It's all about the momentum and gravity. It's a little like surfing I like to think.

So here we are on the crest of a wave.

Only one way, but down... and whatever you do - keep going straight and try not to hit that brake.


Nathalie said...

Your shots are spectacular and your descriptions so vivid it's wonderful. Thanks!

Dsole said...

Wow... it must be an amazing experience!

Anonymous said...

........and look out for the camel nibbling thorn bushes at the bottom!!

Good shot of a nice little short- wheel base "Defender" (The best 4x4 by far), Bluey.
Anonymous Revealed

Anonymous said...

duning above all :-)