January 07, 2007

Going Underground - #129

A rare example of sensible Urban Arabian planning, a pedestrian underpass.

As an added bonus a bright orange shirt.


Anonymous said...

Bluey, there's almost as much "traffic cogestion" here as on the 8 lane highways! I'm a sucker for shots with stainless railings in long perspectives.
Best to you,
Anonymous Revealed

Gail's Man said...

I think this is about the only underpass in Dubai. I've walked through it many times to use the Abra station.

Shorty said...

I love this photo. Wish we had something like this in San Antonio

BuJ said...

me thinks this is in shandagha.. coz there's a pedestrian version of the shandagha tunnel to take u under the blue water.. then a few smaller ones to take u under the hot tarmac