January 31, 2007

They Think It's All Over... Mabrouk UAE! - #152

Last night the UAE secured a magnificent victory over Oman in the Gulf Cup. This was a huge achievement and the first time in the cup and the UAE's history they have won this trophy.

The above photo is of a pristine white BMW suitably decorated in the national colours. In the UK this would be the work of vandals, here it is the proud owner's work.

The city went fairly crazy with the traditional celebration being to drive like a complete overclocking maniac.

Still - Mabrouk To The Emiratis!

Go Team UAE.


Chuckeroon said...

That must have been a good night to see! I'm sure that Shiek Mohammed was glued to the tele, cheering them all on. My image of the the Makhtoums is, that they really love sport.

fa6am* said...

That was a great victory; they made us all happy, even those who are not interested in sports. I hope for more victories of that kind to come.

Chuckeroon, Al Makhtoums love what their people love they are from and to the people. We’re blessed to have them as our rulers.