December 30, 2006

Meet The Neighbours - #121

Iran is approx 150 kms away from Dubai.

The UAE and Iran have been disputing several islands in the Gulf for decades, US and the UN are getting heavy on Iran for their supposed nuclear ambitions...

Iran is heading towards becoming the latest public enemy number 1.

These guys I met today, the nicest guys I met all day. Most genuine, friendliest, coolest guys. And yes, they are Iranian. People are people.


lynn said...

Of course they are. I've never understood the blanket approach of condemning a whole section of people because of a minority of bad-thinking ones. The ordinary people don't usually make the big decisions.

Anonymous said...

Shucks, Bluey! You keep hitting those buttons. Ace! Don't stop! Back home safely after a nice time in DXBland. Many thanks for your kind wishes via a comment posted on Phaeton's blog. (Who's Phaeton? Well at least you know) Regretably, I only picked up your greeting when I opened my son's blog line on return home here.
Anonymous Revealed.

Kiwi Boy said...

People are people - well said, Bluey! I have an Iranian fellow in one of my classes and he's the jolliest thing on the planet. Though the jokes about Iran's nuclear ambitions piss him off, he keeps his calm most of the time.
But what to do? It's the job of all governments and political organizations to put eveyrone into one sack and beat them all with one stick.

BuJ said...

Iranis are a lovely people, and some of my friends are Iranis so I only have praise for them.

However i did hop accross the pond and boy oh boy do they hate the Arabs up there!

the feeling is definitely mutual!