December 22, 2006

The Most Dangerous Place In Dubai - #113

The roads and construction saftey in Dubai is well documented and is found to be of a shocking standard.

With this in mind I dread to think what could possibly warrant so many warning signs... maybe beyond here it is the end of the world.


Bill said...

There be dragons!

Jing said...

lots of boards...
be careful.


BuJ said...

I used to work in the Dubai construction industry in the late 90s and now I'm doing the same in the UK and I can tell you when I visit Dubai now I notice root changes in Health & Safety that takes the standard to even higher levels than some UK construction sites.

A big achievement considering the UK is the only country in the world that has a "Safety Ministry" named the Health & Safety Executive!

Nice picture mind you. I think I could write a post about interesting one-off ministries around the world.

Zhanna said...

Yeah, warnings signs are really frightened!!!
Since a huge boom in developing Dubai property has started, such signs we can see everywhere in Dubai.
But sometimes or maybe often, the workers themselves become victims on the constructions.

rolando said...

to BuJ,

that's not true, here in Costa Rica we also have a "Safety Ministry"..