December 18, 2006

Blurry Film Festival - #109

Well... Dubai Film Festival is now over. Many stars were in town including Richard Gere, Lawrence Fishbourne and Joshua Jackson.

Also, one of cinema's most successful mavericks - Oliver Stone. He gave a great Q&A after a screening of World Trade Center.

The above shot was taken in a little Bluey stylee - i.e. not really allowed. Sorry for the blur...

As I had promised some photos earlier in the week, I thought I'd make up for this by breaking all the rules with extra shots...

This (blurry) TV lady decided to interview Bluey about his thoughts on "Hollywoodland" (obviously not Bluey in this shot!). A very good movie, if you liked LA Confidential or Chinatown, this is a fine ('though not brilliant) film noir styled piece...

...and a Hummer to advertise the festival. Ahhhh how Dubai baby!


Jing said...

i like the second photo though blurry!!
and its very nice to know more about the movie festival~~~
have a nice day.


Lisi said...

Hey Bluey, where is the camel panning shot...Oliver Stone is no fun...I want the camel, LOL...and thanks for coming by at HKDP, I've finally done with the assignment and am catching up on DP blogs :-)