December 04, 2006

Glass House Glass - #95

A very decent dining option - The Glasshouse @ Hilton Dubai Creek. Particularly good salad with black pudding and poached egg...

It is over shadowed a little with its neighbour Verre, which is Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay's Dubai restaurant. I was invited to dine there tonight and it was actually Gordon Ramsay that was overseeing the kitchen. I love food, but alas, the invitation did not include paying for me and as, allegedly, Dubai's best restaurant, with, allegedly, one of the world's best chefs in residence... it was a little pricy - so Bluey unfortunately had to decline graciously...

What's the best restaurant in your city?

(Should you care at all, in Dubai my 5 favourite places to eat currently are:

1) Barbeque at Jebel Ali beach including prawns, tuna steak & koftah
2) Coconut Grove - Sri Lankan / Kerala / Goan cuisine @ Rydges Plaza
3) Manhattan Grill - The Wagyu Beef Tenderloin @ Grand Hyatt
4) Al Safadi - Lebanese home delivery
5) Andiamo! - Friday brunch Italian style, fine wine and antipasti)

Anyways, I digress.


PS Michael - This is number 3 bar / restaurant at least - I expect you to keep a note :)


Nathalie said...

What a magnificent picture, very classy, brilliant! Makes you want to stay for dinner. Alas, my own budget wouldn't let me either...

susan in atlanta said...

Very nice angle. I like that you can see the ceiling.

Eric said...

If the food is as good as the photo, I want to have dinner there too!

jing said...

mmm..the glass is glorious~~
some interesting information:
in China, if we invite someone to have dinner, thats for sure means the host will pay. If the host wont pay, it isnt to be called to invite someone for the dinner.

have a nice week,

shanghai daily photo

Vancouver Daily Photo said...

The food sounds "so British" and good. I love your restaurant list; so varied. Wanted to say what a great photo.

Lovelyisthevoice said...

Love the colours and the ambience.


Richard of eTidings

halfmanhalfbeer said...

Bluey: I did a post about VERRE on my blog a little while ago. The best restaurant in Dubai, no question, also one of the most expensive no question! I really like the Glasshouse too. Andiamo for Friday brunch is one of our favs, good choices!

Anonymous said...

Acheingly classy, breathtaking photo, Bluey. Set that beside "3 steps to happiness". Having recovered my breathe I suddenly realised....No customers! They would have ruined the picture! Anonymous

P.S.(I'm with you on the Black Pudding and Poached egg)

moworld said...

Great photo.