February 18, 2007

Current Skyline - #170

As it changes so often, I thought I'd give you an update Dubai skyline.

Second from left is now the seventh tallest building in the world, at 103 floors it is about two thirds built and will be the highest in the world by the end of the year at approx 700 to 800m high. Far right is the twin towers of Emirates Towers Hotel and Business Tower...


Marcia said...

The skyline changing quickly is something Dubai and Kuwait have in common. Beautiful pic Bluey, Beautiful.

Harsha said...

Theres a tower in the center.. cant make out which one it is.. That looks taller than the Emirate Towers.. doesnt it?

Marco said...

Yes, it's the Rose Rotana Hotel.

It is still under construction and they just about to finish the cladding of the top. It is taller than the Emirates Towers- in fact it will be the tallest hotel in the world. Yet another superlative :)

Check this link to find out more:


DXBluey said...

Hi All!

Marcia - Would love to see Kuwait City - soon I hope.. Thanks for the nice words...

Harsha and Marco - Yup, Marco's on the money! Thanks so much for that! There is also the one next to the Fairmont that is coming up fast and big - Park is it?

Thanks all!

Big UP From Bluey!