February 11, 2007

More Cafe - #163

A great place for some fresh and tasty food called More Cafe.

There are 2 of these in Dubai - one in Garhoud and one in the Murooj Rotana across the road from the Burj Dubai.

A fine choice for really good salads and a top eggs benedict.


angela said...

Just read your article on gonshoot. Very nice. Glorious photo as you have here too.
Today's photo reminds me that it's past lunch time.

Oya said...

Noted. When I come to Dubai, I will need some advise. I also heard some place called Panini? Do you know?

DXBluey said...

Hi Angela and Oya,

Thanks Angela - glad someone has seen the article - hope it was interesting.

Oye - I think that Panini is the cafe in the Grand Hyatt. There may be others of course... are you planning a trip here?


BuJ said...

More has good WiFi too!

I guess that's a bit more difficult to capture!

Taunted said...

More's eggs benedict, very, verynice (Garhoud is, not been to Murooj)