February 03, 2007

An Arabian Celebration - Part 1 of a series - #155

An amazing day! A huge "victory parade" occurred today due to the UAE winning the Gulf Cup football for the first time ever. This was like nothing I'd, or maybe even Dubai, had ever seen before.

A gathering point was announced, traffic was alerted to possible disruption. Oh my god. Disruption? Talk about a 3 hour carnival of illegal speed, craziness and just mad behaviour.

A number of firsts.

For SZR - Doughnuts and quads allowed.
For SZR - Kids on Nissans.
For the UAE - The first football Gulf Cup Victory.
For Bluey - panning shots

A second series for Bluey - more to come this week.


Restless in Dubai said...

I loved the shot, I loved the parade...go go UAE...


Jing said...

have the nice weekend, really!!!