February 02, 2007

Well, Did Bob Evah? - #154

Every once in a while I'll try a "Bob Shot". A "Bob Shot" is named after Barcelona Daily Photo's Bob - taking shots of people from a very low angle.

See Bluey's Homage To Bob which was part of a theme day and of course here Bob's own work.

This shot was taken in Andiamos! - a restaurant in the Grand Hyatt in Dubai and a very nice way to spend a Friday afternoon with fine food, friends and vino.

And as a sneaky bonus shot, here is a Bob shot I took in London recently, I really like the time / motion leg effect.


DXBluey said...

Hope the comment problem is fixed soon.

Nathalie said...

That bottom shot of yours taken in London is a beauty! The half swallowed leg and the other half disappearing foot are fantastic!

Jing said...

really like the second one.
really nice effection, half real and half unreal...

and i can post the comments now.

have the nice weekend,


Chuckeroon said...

Ace shots, Bluey. London must bow to Dubai this week.