November 23, 2006

A Kandura Colour Collision -#84

A sly snapshot. In a mosque.

More to follow soon.

Over and out.


Zsolt72 said...

is it allowed to take photos in a mosque?

jing said...

i am curious about the view in the mosque.
women are not allowed to enter it. :( even for the travellers.
nice colour collision~~

secretdubai said...

The awful thing is that if you hadn't mentioned that it was a mosque, I would have assumed it was Ibn Battuta.

Nathalie said...

Colourful... and it has the taste of the forbidden fruit!

Bill said...

You do like to live dangerously :)

I love the colors of this shot.

While I don’t know if the UAE celebrates Thanksgiving the same as we do, I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving in any case. Thanks for all the kind words you have posted at my site over the past few months!


Meg Nakagawa said...

You're not going to get in trouble for this, are you???

Eric said...

Oh I love it! Living dangerously for Dubai Daily Photo and its fans. Thanks for the inside scoop!

DXBluey said...

Hi All,

Thanks for your concern... all will become clear soon.

Bluey has not strayed into criminal territory (in this instance at least!!!)



farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

Nice colourful picture.

Jing, women go to mosques too - there are exclusive sections for them. In the grandest mosques of all - the grand mosque in Makkah - the women and men pray in the same courtyard.

And zsolt72, one can take pictures of a mosque - some people may not like to be photographed so it's best to ask first.

Copywriter, journalist, photographer

Arabized said...

haha thats so funny.

i love your blog by the way.