November 27, 2006

Built To Last - #88

A simple family car, yet located in the depths of off road track territory.

And it looks like it has made the trip many, many times.

Value for money.

Keep On Running!


jing said...

great shot!great colours, great composition,great angle...great photo!and great bluey~~~
really like this "old" feeling photo.


Bill said...

Very cool shot. I love how the sun plays on the photo.

Kiwi Boy said...

Very artistic! Good work :)

Anonymous said...

London "Chelsea Tractor" drivers pse note. Anonymous

Derek said...

I found your site yesterday. I really like it. I'm just wondering what type of camera you use. Digital SLR? Canon, Nikon....?

DXBluey said...

HI All,

Thanks for dropping by!

JIng - you know already... thanks!

Bill - Thanks

Kiwi Boy - Thanks neighbour (I think....) Nice blog by the way...

Anon - In Central London, I see your point...

Derek - Humble thanks... I have quite a simple camera, a Canon Powershot A530 and a desk top tripod. Thats it, no more... WOuld like to move up to a DSLR but for now, quite happy...!

Thanks all!

Bluey x