November 21, 2006

The View From Vu - #82

... so here is Dubai.

The view from 50 floors on Emirates Towers to the beach, although only from one small angle. Possibly the worst quality photo I have posted, but I wanted to show you the city from a different angle.

Luggi, Bill & Michael - does this help? I doubt it! :)


Michael Salone said...

I really do like it actually. It's the one view of Dubai I haven't seen in all of the tourist mags/articles that helps me get a view of the land. Thanks!

Charrie said...

OK ... so, maybe from some technical point of view that I don't know anything about, but honestly? I love it! It's like you were THERE; what it really looks like.... the quality of the light, you've caught it!....thank you!

Jing said...

its a great photo!!
i mean the colours, the light...all look great! and the composition!!

mm..the colour is really good.

JaamZIN said...

it looks wonderful. Dont mind the quality of the photo.

Anonymous said... time try to be a little more careful with the "dividing thirds principle" and even this shot might be gradable as "good". I have no doubt that this is Dubai. Anonymous

Unknown said...

No matter the quality of the picture, this shot is awesome. It looks like you can see forever from your location. Well done.

Michael Salone said...

What IS anonymous talking about?