April 30, 2007

The Rosy Dress Two Step - #242

A street scene in Deira.

April 29, 2007

Kitchen Look Out - #241

A splendid cheap eat place in Jumeria.

The seriously surreal tiny Thai restaurant is called Smiling BKK. It's a tucked away in a small side street, but it is worth finding as it's quirky decor and authentic Thai cuisine are fantastic.

April 28, 2007

In Their Flying Machines - #240

Just back from camping on Jebal Ali beach - the last time before the summer gets too hot - it's about 37 deg C currently during the day.

We had just set up the tents when a visitor buzzed in from the skies. This is a powered paraglider. It was very graceful and looked pretty easy to maneuver. I want one...

April 27, 2007

April 26, 2007

Ali Heart Bike - #238

I loved this image - great texture on the hut, the rough simple grafitti and the ubiquitous bike.

Ali Heart Bike - Near Deira Corniche - April 2007.

April 25, 2007

Buy 'n Save - #237

A simple back street grocery store.

Dubai is most certainly not all glitz. It's just making do and living your life...

April 24, 2007

SZR Skyline At Dusk - #236

Taken on the way home from work the other night... the hue of the sky and the lights of the buildings really appealed to me...

April 23, 2007

The Kia Motor Shuffle - #235

That's some mighty heavy shoulder action there...

April 22, 2007

Vive Le Revolution a/k/a Paul Frank Is Your Friend - #234

Another iBO shot - and another blurred image - however, again I really like the bluring on this.

Is it revolution or is it marketing? Is Paul Frank your friend? Or is it time to over throw?

Ask Paul here : Paul Frank

April 21, 2007

Only In Dubai - #233

For some reason this very blurred snap shot encapuslates something of Dubai...
taken in a quite cool, yet un-identified resturant (I don't want them to feel any heat over this...)

April 20, 2007

Two Turntables And A Microphone - #232

This is a shot of Dom from Stanton Warriors playing a top DJ set last night at Dubai's very best club iBO.

It's a huge loss to the city that iBO is to be demolished to make way for the new Dubai metro. The guys from 9714 (the promoters behind iBO and the owners of the great shop Five Green) are making Dubai a far more trendy and fun place to be.

May 31st - iBO R.I.P.

April 19, 2007

Sikka 39 a/k/a Deira Classifieds - #231

It could be classed as vandalism I guess, but I quite like the texture that these home made bill ads give to the street corners in the older parts of town.

It's like the street classified section. You can find many things here, homes, jobs, education, food and more...

I've also seen some pretty odd requests such as "Computer technician required - must be able to play music keyboard"...

April 18, 2007

Three Musketeers a/k/a Champagne Charlie - #230

3 suited guys quaffing some sparkling fermented grape juice...

I liked the candid nature of this - I don't know these guys and it was a chance shot.

April 17, 2007

Caution! Hot Sand - #229

Summer's on the horizon and it's starting to get a little hot in the city... You tend to forget over the winter months just how hot it gets in Dubai.

Not looking forward to it...

April 16, 2007

Windows To The Soul - #228

A fruit seller at the fruit and veg market in Al Awir.

April 15, 2007

Abstract No. 9 - #227

I've no idea if you'd call this worthwhile or not... I like the results and the totally random nature of the shots. This was taken with a candlelight setting in a room with 2 bright light sources.

This shot was taken using the camera toss method of photography.

Try it.


April 14, 2007

Vacuum Bay - #226

Vacuum Bay is not the latest real estate folly from Dubai. It's just where lazy people (like Bluey) go to get their car cleaned...

April 13, 2007

Global Happy Chef - #225

A happy chef at work is a good thing. This chef at the Marriott makes some damn fine duck pancakes...

April 12, 2007

The Darling Buds Of Margham - #224

Any plant experts?

These feel almost alien species to me - take near Margham - which is the only oil field in Dubai and will run out soon.

Not to worry though - Abu Dhabi (the capital of the United Arab Emirates) is still sitting on 10% of the known world oil reserves...

April 11, 2007

Subway Arabi - #223

Another example of the Arabic logo. I really like the symmetry of this logo with the two arrows coming together almost like the famous Sistine Chapel Hand Of God... ok, perhaps a little bit stretching it...

Se also Ikea

April 10, 2007

Gurg Stationary - #222

Bur Dubai, another frozen moment in time.

April 09, 2007

A Bur D Bi-bicycle - #221

Are bikes the new camels? (said with a Carrie Bradshaw rising timbre)

For me at least - I started the blog with lots of camels, now it's all chrome and spokes as far as the eye can see...

April 08, 2007

Breakin The Bread - #220

Traditional unleavened flat arabic bread, straight out of the oven.

Dipped straight in to some humous or with tabouleh... one of the best dishes on the planet!

Baked in tiny shops right in the middle of Deira.

April 07, 2007

Honey, I Shrunk Myself - #219

I've been taking a lot of low angle shots recently, but this is too much... message to self - stand up once ina while.

April 06, 2007

Tracks a/k/a Creature Of The Night - #218

Came across these tracks on a dune. I have no idea what animal they belong to, or if such animal is known to exist.

Maybe they came from some hitherto unknown creature of the night...

April 05, 2007

Ohh I Like Your Hat - #216

As we all know - horse racing is all about what you wear and especially what hat you choose...

A fun shot to end our day at the races.

April 03, 2007

Krazy KC At The Races - #214

Kaptan KC goes Krazy at the Races...

April 02, 2007

The Milky Bar Kid a/k/a Gone With The Wind - #213

Ordinarily I'm not the biggest child fan... however this kid is way too cool for school!

I love the fact he's going nuts while his parents are pristine perfect scarlett and rhett... frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

April 01, 2007

The Dubai World Cup - #212

Yesterday was The Dubai World Cup. This is billed as the world's richest horse race.

Over the day there are 7 races with a total prize fund of US$21 million. The final race is worth US$6 million alone...