February 15, 2012

Event Images - Middle East event photography

I'm happy to announce the launch of my new photography business - Event Images.

I really enjoyed running Dubai Daily Photo for a year back in 2007 / 2008 but I never thought then that it was also forming the skill set and knowledge base for what would become my business... Thanks to Eric and all the great daily photographers around the world for inspiration and also great feedback...

Event Images is a Dubai based event photography business covering the Middle East region. With emphasis on event, conference and PR images.

Event Images was created to serve the event and conference sectors as we know what it is like to run events, we've done that, we've also presented at events and used images to great effect in both marketing and PR for many years. We've also taken a huge amount of photographs - so we like to think that we know how to help you get the images, the R.O.I. and coverage that your event deserves.

Event Images aims to simplify the entire image process for busy, overworked, stressed and under-appreciated, event organisers, conference producers, PR agents and marketing managers. Event Images aims to simplify the entire image process for events and conferences organisers. Simple pricing structures, with defined objectives and deliverables with no hidden charges.

Event Images provide an essential, quality service based on the core service ideals - simplicity, image style, professionalism, communication, flexibility, mobility and loyalty.

Please visit our website to learn more - www.eventimages.me