November 30, 2006

Oud Metha Grass - #91

An oud is a stringed instrument.
Grass is obviously grass.
Oud Metha is a road in / an area of Dubai.
However, what is a "metha"?
This is not a quiz, but a question! What is a "metha"...
Anyone help the expat here? Thanks...


Anonymous said...

sorry, bluey, i have no ideas about the "metha".
but like the grass in your photo, very beautiful and vivid,i even can see each details of them.
so whats the "metha"??i also want to know.


Anonymous said...

marhaba, i like v much ur blog... i guess metha y3ane when,in this beautiful language ok habibi! take care!

DoTs... said...

maitha is a name of a woman. like susan and sarah, there are names such as mariam and amna and maitha..

oud maitha is a place that was named after a woman...

the word maitha itself refers to a certain kind of pearls..

hope it was useful :)

DXB Blogger said...

Dots is right. Metha is a lady name.

I am sure there is a nice story behind naming the place after "Metha".. beats me what it is.

"Oud" means the musical instrument. It also means a type of insence (sp).. the most expensive type actually (try it at some local store).. and finally, it also means "area" in our local dialect. Some other areas in Dubai are named "Oud ..", such as "Oud Al Mutainah".

Nice pics by the way.. and have a nice day.

DXBluey said...

dots and turki - thanks! I never knew it could be a femine name. That is interesting.

Plus to do with pearls - I knew the scent / incense meaning...

Thank you - I do appreciate your guidance.