July 24, 2007

War And Peace - #326

Rolla has some famous cannons, purpose unknown... save for some respite from the summer's heat bombs.

As a small bonus, perhaps this is Harsha's Fountain?


Bill said...

You know, it is a very small world. I had a guy from India working for me as a contractor in Virginia, and he moved back home, then moved to Dubai. He is about to start working for me again, but this time remote from Dubai! I pointed him at your site, and he said he did not know there were so many things to see there. Glad I could help him out :)

Ann said...

It does amaze me how folks can just pull out some cardboard, find a shady spot and just fall asleep...oblivious to all the noise around them in a busy place such as this probably is.

The detail on that fountain is something!

And look at that sky. Not even one cloud in the sky!