July 23, 2007

A Rolla Vista - #325

A vista of Rolla Square.

Note the rather interesting tree monument in the middle.


Rambling Round said...

A very big square and an interesting looking monument. Wonder what it signifies.

Chuckeroon said...

.....yawn! Oh, wow. Comment for you over on R u T

Harsha said...

its depicts the banan trees. That park , used to be atleast. I doubt there is any grass now. That place has banyan trees all around it.

I used to spend all my summers with my grandparents and they used to take me to this park where i'd make paper boats and put them in the fountain.

Ann said...

That is an interesting monument...but I bet the square would be a lot prettier if they had actually left the banyan trees instead of putting up a monument to them! ;-)

Ann said...
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Harsha said...

If you see closely, you will notice the Banyan trees lined on both sides.

This monument isn't a recent development.

Its older than me!