April 23, 2007

The Kia Motor Shuffle - #235

That's some mighty heavy shoulder action there...


Jazzy said...

haha giants in Dubai =)
have a good week Bluey.

DXBluey said...

I never make enough comments / responses - however I just have to say that Jazzy just made me laugh out loud...(drink / keyboard interface).

Wish I'd thought of that... very funny.

Have fun J,



Dsole said...

I thought of that too!!
The man seems a giant next to the building :)
i love the photo indeed

edwin s said...

Brilliant shot Bluey! Good to know you're still low on the angles.

lynn said...

Yes this is a powerful shot. Makes you think.

Chuckeroon said...

You are wicked....and be careful, Bluey: you surpassed yourself and will be bumping into Bluey coming round again......that will give you a number of "relatively" serious challneges. Fine shot....stop torturing me. I cannot compete.

Stained said...

okay...off topic..but well had to ask
I'm getting myself a SLR camera..need help to know what to buy & what not to buy. Want to take up photography as a hobby. So would you mind sharing some info on what I should buy..

DXBluey said...

Hello Again!

dsole - thanks!

Edwin - I just can't pick myself up of the floor these days!

Lynn - thank you

'roon - only you can bring in the theory of relativity into a daily photo blog! are we all just clocks on the train approaching the speed of light? (Bertrand Russell). Also Mr Roon - I may have a big favour to ask of you if possible....

Stained - I don't currently have a DSLR - my camera of choice currently is smallish, compactish, packed with adjustable features and takes 5 mega pixel shots - the Canon Powershot A530. If you want to go DSLR my current choices would be the Sony A100 and Canon 400D - both about 3500 dhs, similar specs. I guess I'd maybe go Canon due to the lens availability and the history... (these are my thoughts only - I don't own either)...

Cheers all!