June 15, 2007

The Look Out - #287

Taken on the public beach in Jumeriah today.

There are a surprising amount of people still using the beach even though it was about 42 degrees today. A breeze was trying to help, but it was still very hot.

You can see the Burj Dubai in the background here. It is now the tallest building in the world as far as I know. You can also from this just how close Sheikh Zayed Road (the Burj Dubai is on the SZR) is to the beach.


anu said...

Nice beach. And great photo.

anu said...
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Anonymous said...

Great shot, thank you... I realy miss that searing heat and the beach! And, yes,

Ann said...

42 degrees! Yikes. :-o

I cannot imagine anybody wanting to be on a beach in that kind of heat.

Dee said...

This pic makes me feel like it was taken somewhere in California. =)

mindspace said...

google brought me to your site today (while looking for manakish)
lovely pics let me say in general.
n i realized this one was taken in 2007, wow! we live around this area now and enjoy the beauty of burj(construction completed, bldg inaugurated n all) temp rises but you can always spot someone on the beach in the mornings n evenings, if not in the day time..

i am going to browse thru ur photo blog a lot more now.